Chandrasekhar-mass Type Ia supernovae

The initial Maestro application was modeling convection in a Chandrasekhar-mass white dwarf the final hours leading up to a Type Ia supernovae. This application uses Maestro in a spherical geometry. The problem setup for these simulations is distributed with Maestro. The full star is modeled.

Full details of this work can be found on the white dwarf convection page.

All the setup files from the set of publications that reported on this problem are part of the Maestro release.

sub-Chandra Type Ia supernovae

Maestro is being used to model convection leading up to ignition in the helium layer on the surface of a sub-Chandra-mass white dwarf. This is the first Maestro application to model convection on the surface of a sphere.

X-ray bursts

Maestro is being used to model X-ray bursts, simulating the convective burning in mixed H/He bursts.